Sunday, December 30, 2012

Inspiration over limitation

We do not compare to these people, but if we can achieve 1/100th of what they've done, we can say we accomplished something. They are amazing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our friends are calling for directors

So ... our friends at Snorks and Piñs Productions are looking for a few good directors. Here's the details if you are interested:

Snorks and Piñs Productions is seeking director submissions for the third annual By the Light of a Match short play festival to be performed in New York City on February 8th and 9th at the Authur Seelen in The Drama Bookshop.

To celebrate Valentine’s day, this year’s theme is 'Bad Love'. The Snorks and Piñs reading committee received more plays than ever before about the crazy, monstrous and irrational things people do in the name of love. We’ve picked six short plays to be featured in this year’s festival and now it’s time to play matchmaker ourselves: we want to find these plays the director of their very weird dreams. 

A bit about the festival:
By the Light of a Match is a festival designed to support emerging artists and to encourage new audiences to New York’s independent theater scene. This is not your typical short play festival. Our plays will be brought together and intertwined in unique ways by the festival director. The Festival Director designs how the festival is presented to its audience and creates an ensemble atmosphere, connecting the pieces as he/she chooses. The plays are then presented to audiences who will vote on their favorite playwright, director, actor and actress. The audience’s favorites go on to host next years festival: The writer's play will be presented in the following festival, directed by the winning director and performed by the winning actor and actress. The writer will also choose the theme for that festival and the winning director will take on the role of festival director.  

How to submit:
1. Directors are asked to submit their resume and a short introductory paragraph about themselves to 
2, Once we’ve received your email, we will send you a link to the plays. Select 1-3 of the plays and send us a one paragraph concept (for each) about how you would approach the play,
3. The playwright and festival director will work together to select the director for their play.
The deadline for concepts will be Monday December 10th at 5pm, so please email us your resume and intro paragraph asap!

The Fine Print
Snorks and Piñs provides casting assistance to directors, rehearsal space for the group rehearsals, a brief tech rehearsal and  the performance venue. The director and playwright are responsible for finding suitable rehearsal space (must be in Manhattan) and gathering props and costumes for the performance. Costs should be kept to a minimum and should be split evenly between the playwright and director.