Sunday, April 28, 2013

April showers -- and a new project -- bring two nights of readings

Join us for a 2-night reading spectacular of 4 brand new short plays, created from scratch by Truant artists over the last month!

This is the first step toward a fully produced run of these plays in Autumn 2013. Get in on the ground floor, giving writers valuable audience feedback for their next draft, before the directors and actors dive into the rehearsal process.

As usual at a Truant reading, there will be a bar. Also as usual, these readings are free. We are not shy about asking for donations, though, which can be made in cash in person or as a tax-deductible donation.


David Platt (director)
Katie Fabel (writer)
with Shawn Ack, Ariana Fekett, Natalya Krimgold, Mateo Prendergrast
Omar Perez (director)
Kristen Felicetti (writer)
with Brandon Ferraro, Adam Murphy, Yarden Shoval, Ja'ron Young

TUESDAY, April 30 @ 8PM:

Frank-Thomas Grogan (director)
Jonathan Alexandratos (writer)
with Laura Darrell, Peter Guarraci, Sarah Hammer, Nicole Serra
Julia Goldstein (director)
Lavinia Roberts (writer)
with Jessica Appel, Turquoise Olezene, Marjorie Swartz

These plays were all inspired by seeds planted by the following words:


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Hour! Happy times!

It's Spring, and we don't care if the weather disagrees! Let's celebrate with cheap drinks, loose structure and vigorous conversation with people you like and respect. There will be pizza.

We miss you, truants of the world! We want to stay connected to the community, hear all about what you and your people are up to, and catch you up on the latest happenings over at Truant Arts.

Usually, at these happy hours, we ask for a $10 donation when you come hang out. This time we're taking a slightly different route. While we will, of course, take any cash donations you want to give, we're encouraging you to donate through Fractured Atlas and get a tax deduction in addition to the warm fuzzy feeling of helping create new American theatre. 

Join our 13th day/$13 dollars campaign! Information will be on hand at the bar, or just follow this link.

We can't wait to see you there!!

-bob & jamie-