Monday, January 23, 2012

Meeting with the boss on 'Discomfort" ...

So, I met with the boss today (That's you, Jamie). We've decided the bones are there make it worth moving to the next phase.

I have my marching orders, or at least a general idea which way to start wandering on the project I've codenamed "Truant One" for lack of a better title than "Discomfort." Thanks again to everyone for the input.

My goal is to be ready to bring the actors back together in the middle of February. That's exciting for me because I already miss them. I miss you too, so I'm motivated to get something built for you to take another look at just as quickly as possible.

If you are stumbling upon this blog and have no idea what I'm talking about, send us an email and we'll explain it ( We are always looking for new suckers ... er, audience members ... to join us in the creative process. In short, we are looking for you.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Truant One, Day Two

Friday night's workshop performance was even better than Thursday night's show. The discussions ran well into the wee hours and people seemed to enjoy themselves. I know I did.

It is a strange thing to watch other people work as hard as Jamie, Bobby, Marjorie, Gabi and Ryan did for me. It is humbling, really. Thanks again, gang. I can't wait to continue on the path.

So, what's next?

Jamie and I will meet in the next 48 hours to sort through the acres of feedback I was lucky enough to get from this process. Obviously, we can't use every suggestion and it will be come a balancing act between what we have and what we what to see. I'll end up disappearing into the keyboard for several weeks and then bring the resulting dead frog back to Jamie for some moral support and resuscitation. When she thinks we're ready, we'll bring the actors in to read the revised work and give us feedback.

It is our goal to have something ready for an actual performance (with sets, lights, sound, costume changes and a stage) by mid-Spring. We'll keep you posted here, so come back.


Friday, January 20, 2012

The launch of Truant One

Truant One, working title "Discomfort," got it's first workshop production off the ground last night (Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012, for future historians) and it was good.

The audience (Yeah, audience!) was amazingly helpful. Your feedback and general thoughts of the lives of these characters are already starting to work magic. A new version of "Discomfort" was being built on the train back to Brooklyn.

Max, Steve and the rest of the crew at FXFowle, our hosts for the evening, could not possibly hold a warmer spot in my heart right now. They were kind enough to disrupt their lives, move their furniture all over the place, loan us coffee mugs, provide us with audience AND fed the masses. Above and beyond the call, fellas. Thank you.

I'm really looking forward to tonight's performance. 


Crew of Truant One - the maiden voyage

These are the fine folk who have joined Truant's effort to launch the first production.

Bobby Brower (Earl) Theater credits: Wilson in The Cookie Fight, Jeremy in Waking Up, Walter in The Palace, Stanley in Celluloid, and Marty in Rooftop Rites. Film credits: Manny in A Summer Job and Jerry in On the Other Side, a 2011 Cannes Film Festival official selection.

Marjorie Swartz (Janice) A native of Toronto, Canada, and a graduate of Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, Marjorie has been in New York for three years. Since coming here she has had the pleasure of performing in a variety of shows, and is most proud to be a part of the evolution of Discomfort. Many thanks to her family and friends for their constant support!

Gabi Van Horn (Kerry) is a recent graduate of The Hartt School, and couldn't be more excited about Discomfort.  Some favorite roles have been Judith in Stage Door, Lucy in Threepenny Opera, and Alexander Ashbrook in Coram

Ryan P.A. Walsh (Michael) is psyched to have been a part of this project and its creative process.  He is a Syracuse University Drama Department graduate (BFA Drama '07).  He has recently worked as a staff member and performer for Left Hip Productions, producing many works of which he is very proud.  Thanks to J-Roz, Bob, his awesome cast, and anyone reading this bio right now.