Monday, February 4, 2013

Here's a tip (given to actors with love)

Dear, sweet favorite actor friends (and those who want to be our actor friends), I was doing some electronic housekeeping and want to share a tip with you.

When you name your headshot and resume files, use your name.


As much as we love you and want to work with you, files called "largeheadshot.jpg" and "actingresume.pdf"-- while they no doubt make your life easier in the short term -- don't help you long term because they join the hundreds of other "largeheadshot.jpg" and "actingresume.pdf" files in our records.

Help us cast you. Stand out electronically. Be pals.

Use your name.

BONUS TIP: When we ask for headshots and resumes as jpg and pdf files, we have a reason and really want jpg and pdf files. Really. They make our lives easier and we look favorably on people who help us do that.

It may sound petty, but there you have it. When processing 300-plus headshots and resumes, little things like a .doc file instead of a .pdf file suddenly aren't petty things anymore.


If you've made it this far, there's one last thing. We are gathering headshots and resumes for our files. Please email yours to us -- as a .jpg and .pdf -- at

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